In 1980, I left my homeland to study Social Work and Psychology in South Africa and this provided me with a foundation and platform from which to launch my now successful Counselling Practice in Perth, Australia. In 1986 my Family and I left Zimbabwe due to Political and Social unrest and moved to Perth, Western Australia to begin a new life.

For the next 24 years my dream to pursue Social Work and Counselling took a detour, as life moved and guided me through a myriad of different careers, and many personal traumas and challenges.  Living life in the fast lane, in the Corporate World, in areas of banking, the airline Industry, managing teams of people in call centres, and managing a real estate and property management office in Perth, I became a master of 'multi tasking'.

Showing my flexibility and drive to continue learning new skills and applying them laterally between organisations, I became comfortable with change and had to learn one of life's major lessons, 'mastering one's fear of failure'. 

In 2009 I had the opportunity of owing my first Health Food business, and took it with open arms, not aware how this move would guide me back into my passion and soul purpose, assisting others to learn about who they truely are and to navigate peacefully through life's turmoil.  The fork of this road, stripped me of all I perceived myself to be, and as life dealt the cards, I was forced to navigate the many traumas I faced along the way. My belief that there is always a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, shone in the distance as I clawed my way back into life and a new career in Holistic Counselling.

I honestly believe that this lost business venture, was in fact a true gift, giving me the tools to support others on their journey, through Counselling, Reiki, Energy Healing, Workshops and Support Groups. The tools I have learnt have assisted me in offering a heart centred and insightful approach to my work. Pleae see what clients have shared about their experiences with me (click here to take you to Testimonials). 

I love my work, it is a privilege to share happy and difficult times with others, its a true honour!