What are Liquid Crystals?

Liquid Crystals are a Holistic Healing method that works on our emotional, mental and physical bodies, and connects our spiritual aspect to create balance and wellbeing.

How do they work to assist us?

Liquid crystals were created by Justin Moikeha Asar, who sourced master crystals from all over the world and then through an alchemical process captured the energetic healing properties of 77 crystals and transferred that energy into liquid. These liquid crystals form an energy medicine within the bottle, maintaining its vibration for 21 days.

A Human Being is made up of mineral and Energetic Geometric Structures as is the make-up of a crystal stone. Justin has taken the exact geometric structures of all the 77 crystals and transferred them energetically into liquid, which is easily absorbed by the minerals within the human body.

These Liquid Crystals utilize the powerful abilities of water, to hold the geometry and conduct light. Since the human body is around 75% water this is a perfect conduit for carrying this crystal mineral therapy within the body. It is believed that an imbalance within the mineral structure of the self, results in a set of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical symptoms which can be balanced and remedied with the power of these wonderful Liquid Crystals.

How I work with the crystals:

Each liquid crystal works with purpose on our whole being, interacting with and transforming healing energy to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. , Please see the attached table showing 77 crystals and their simple purposes. As a practitioner I will work with you in consultation to understand where you are having difficulties in your life. Using the Crystal Oracle cards to connect to the energetic grids around the planet I will suggest a body lay of the cards for you to experience the energy of them and receive healing. This together with ingesting the liquid crystal offers a more robust and complete healing process.

I very often suggest taking liquid crystals between counselling sessions as they are a perfect support for you as you go back to your life between sessions. We all know how the patterns and defences we run with in our lives often show up when we least expect them. Liquid crystals will help bring balance and awareness as we choose the appropriate crystal for you personally, to work with.

Liquid Crystals work to connect all aspects of our being creating haromony within.