As a counsellor working within the realms of Somatic Psychotherapy, Art Therapy and Holistic mediums, validation and support of my clients is paramount. I believe that those who share 1.5 hours with me must leave feeling heard and validated. Whether you are looking for help to assist anxiety or anger issues, grief, loss, addictions or relationship problems, in fact anything that is causing you stress or fear, I will offer you support, guidance and an understanding to assist you in finding a workable solution. 

If you are struggling with your day to day life or a recent trauma that has left you feeling consumed by your incessant thoughts and emotions, then my ecclectic approach of bringing in teachings of body, mind, sprit and emotion will assist, giving you the tools to navigate your way through the maze you are struggling with. In your sessions I become your mentor, your advisor, supporting you in manoeuvring your way through difficulties , guiding and encouraging you to find the courage to venture within and discover the real you. I give you a vast range of tools and techniques that you can use through life to deal with life’s hurdles and in so doing you gain a much bigger understanding of the self, your strengths and what challenges you.

Everybody has a unique journey but there are threads of similarities with every other person on this planet, in the patterns and core issues we run with. Once we are aware of the triggers and our blind spots we can learn to overcome so many of our issues with conscious awareness and a sense of balance and centeredness rarely felt.