I am passionate about the belief that we humans create our realities in the physical, be it consciously or unconsciously, through our thoughts and intentions. This then means that as we choose differently in our lives so it is possible for these changes to affect those we interact daily with, particularly our partners, families and work colleagues. As Byron Katie states, “An unquestioned mind is a world of suffering”.

I teach that each and every human being has an inner knowing about what is right, what is good and what is not so good for them. Knowing and applying these jewels within us is part of our life’s journey, accessed through the heart and our senses.

‘We are not our behaviours’ is a common statement I use during counselling sessions. I believe that human behaviour is learnt usually by conditioning through our childhood and adolescence experiences and over time, becomes a patterned response that we believe to be our true selves. We are so much more than this and you too will discover this as I gently guide and mentor you to honour yourself and experience and understand your inner essence, your authentic self.