A deep and supportive form of Counselling that addresses all aspects of the human being, the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit.

What is Holistic Counselling?

Holistic Counselling enables a deep sharing of oneself  that touches every part of our being, body, mind, emotion and spirit. It is experiential and expressive in nature and through a series of sequences will assist in increasing awareness of yourself, reuniting the fragmented parts of your being and bringing you towards wholeness and integration. 

In order to access those fragmented parts of the self, and increase the awareness of the body/mind interaction, I use the techniques of Somatic or Body Orientated Psychotherapy that assists in allowing one to explore their issues by connecting the feelings and the body sensations. This allows one to access the traumas held in the body in a more subtle way. 

What is Energetic Resonance?

Holistic Counselling works on the proviso that all experiences have an energetic resonance, that is, energy generated within us during shock or any trauma, that is not released, is recorded in the body’s cellular structures, as cell memories. Usually these memories are saved in our cells as images and each image has a particular vibration or energetic resonance. Everything we experience through our thoughts and within our feelings has an effect on the body cells. Therefore when we are in crises and struggle to maintain balance, our emotional and physical selves are dramatically impacted by the blocked energetic resonance which causes stress within us leaving us in dis-ease. This dis-ease remains in those cells and is stored in similar vibrational patterns and plays out in our present day lives rising from time to time when vibrationally similar triggers are experienced. 

Dissociation Between our Feelings and our Thoughts

Cutting off from your emotions as an attempt to avoid dealing with them, is one of the most common coping and defence mechanisms we use, when our emotions become too painful and our conditioning has taught us to 'just get on with it'. It is actually this constriction and shutting down the emotions and feelings of our inner world that perpetuates the never ending victim cycles we experience. This process acts as an avoidance mechanism in really understanding ourselves, what makes us react to our experiences, how we open and show vulnerability with others. When we shut down emotionally and energetically, we struggle to see clearly how to navigate our issues and  are very often 'blindsided' in understanding how we were in fact instrumental in creating many of our own disharmonies. The 'shut down' process disconnects us not only from ourselves but also from that deep connection with other, something we all yearn for as human beings. We want people to know us for who we really are, and to see our authentic selves, but be have got into the cycle of 'life' getting in the way of this.

Having personally experienced how difficult it is to stop and make a choice to go deep within,  I know how to support you to experience your feelings once again and to really understand how your experiences have affected your emotions, how your thinking and belief systems have moulded your world and relationships.

You can and will get emotional, mental and spiritual freedom, as you begin your journey in this amazing Counselling technique with me. Through a series of sequences and a directed therapeutic process you can heal and transform your life to wellness and joy. The processes are simple and effective and just need commitment and a will to re-create and re-programme your life to serve you.


The way to healing is through feeling and directing the thinking mind to serve you.