Telephone counselling and Skype therapy is becoming increasingly popular as our lives move at a faster and faster pace. We are busier, feeling more pressure than ever and as a result we complain that we dont have enough time to pursue self interests and self-help options. 

Phone and skype therapy gives you the options and benefits of face to face counselling but is tailored to your needs and busy schedule. 

Benefits of online or phone counselling:

  • The world is now a small place as global travel has become the norm, so remote counselling allows one to get their needs met whether on business or on holiday. Help is just a call away.
  • The familiarity of your counsellor goes a long way towards your confidence and your ability to heal and find peace, therefore, this option of counselling allows you to move around the world and at the same time maintain stability with your known therapist in your therapy session.
  • Online or phone counselling does give some clients who may be immobile the option of still continuing their therapy sessions.
  • Doing sessions in the comfort of one's own home does provide some clients flexibility and for those with emotional issues,  a sense of peace and familiarity, which brings an ease to the session from the onset. 

How can I be sure I will connect as well with the counsellor as if we were face to face, in person?

One of the most important aspects of any psychotherapy, is the counsellor / client relationship, and some people fear that connection is hampered if done via skype or telephone. As a general rule, clients who opt for this setting make a space and time slot available which allows them to exclusively focus on the conversation, mostly uninterrupted, with me and as such become actively involved both in their thoughts and feelings as the session progresses.  Many clients report that they prefer skype or facetime sessions so that they can see my body language, my expressions  and have eye contact as I can theirs, but overall I have had equal success with Viber and other telephone options where we are not able to see each other.

From time to time technological difficulties can interrupt service, but these have been few and far between.

What sort of issues can be solved over the phone or on Skype?

Some of the issues that have been presented over phone or skype sessions are:

  • Couples / relationship counselling issues
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Grief and Loss issues
  • Overactive thoughts causing an overstimulated nervous system
  • Disempowernment and self esteem issues
  • Out of control emotions
  • Reactive issues such as anger, 'emotional shut down'