Using more in depth processes then counselling, Psychotherapy takes one on a journey of the self offering a deeper understanding of how one's personal journey has created their reality. 

Overall Psychotherapy is a general term used to describe a number therapeutic approaches that assist one in overcoming emotional and mental suffering and  in gaining a better understanding of feelings, expriences and behaviours. 

My Approaches to Psychotherapy

During the counselling sessions I will use a variety of techniques and approaches such as:

  • A psychodynamic approach
  • Transpersonal techniques
  • Gestalt approach
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Somatic psychotherapy.

Psychodynamic Approach:

Psychodynamic therapy approach allows the client to explore the full range of one's feelings and emotions bringing what was unconscious to conscious awareness, so that one may make more informed choices about one's reactions and responses. Clients come to understand how their current state of mind and somatic (body) reactions to an event are caused by past experiences and are still playing out in present time.

Transpersonal Technique:

This technique focuses on the proviso that our issues and trials are all part of life, valuable and growth enhancing and a vital element in self discovery, consciousness and self actualisation. I use the Transpersonal approach to awaken clients from their limited personal identity to an expanded knowledge of themselves often introducing them to their divine Essence. 

Gestalt Approach:

Self Awareness is the key to personal growth, and though utilizing Gestalt practices such as the 'empty chair technique' clients actively explore through role play their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs and values, The 'empty chair technique' allows the client the opportunity to dialogue with parts of themselves or  someone else who has caused them difficulties. This is an extremely poweful and transformative technique, frequently used during my therapy sessions.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

The focus here is understanding one's thoughts and how these thoughts affect one's behaviours, feelings and reactions. Our cognitive processes include our ideas, our beliefs, our mental images and attitudes all of which can in fact be the trigger of our mental and emotional dis-ease. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is commonly used in therapy and utilised by me to hightlight how our sometimes, unconscious, negative thought patterns can trigger mental and physical health problems. Old belief patterns learnt in our childhood years, become part of every day life for so many of us and rarely do we challenge them. During my sessions you will come to understand how your belief patterns and attitudes have affected your life.

Somatic Therapy:

Somatic or body orientated therapy, focuses on connection between the body and mind in relations to one's psychological past. Using breathwork techniques and awareness of sensations within the body at any given moment, you will be guided to uncover your cellular memories which are activated by energetic resonance, (link here) Your past traumas are held within the body and are reflected through body language, body stature and other body expressions. In recent years Neuroscience has emerged with evidence that supports this theory showing that the mind influences the body and the body the mind.