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Holistic Counselling

Various modalities and eclectic healing tools to accelerate your healing and awakening experience.

Energy Healing

Powerful ancient practices and holistic healing modalities to create more self awareness, inner peace and flow for you.

Events & Workshops

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Are you longing for Sustainable Inner Peace?

Does the outside world have more power over you than your inner world? Are you feeling anxiety, overwhelmed or reactive?  By learning how to self regulated your emotions and mind chatter, you will achieve self empowerment and inner peace. Allow me to guide you on this journey of self discovery. 

Having Trouble Finding Inner Peace?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help

The feelings of being stuck or experiencing numbness are common presenting issues for the clients I see. Clients that have shut down emotionally for years and are wanting to feel again have had lots of success after our sessions together.  I have worked with many clients who have had unexpressed issues, anxiety, depression, grief, loss of a loved one and traumas in order to assist them to see positive benefits and healing from their sessions.

How I can Help

Working intuitively, my sessions involved both holistic counselling and alternative modalities. Offering a total unique experience to guide and support specific individual needs.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a wonderful vehicle used to awaken the healing potential in everyone.


This therapy works with your body’s innate intelligence to know and heal itself.

Light Language & DNA Code Activation

Speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recalibrating your vibrational signature to enable clearing and healing.

Art & Sandplay Therapy

Is used to explore unresolved inner conflicts, thoughts and emotions to provide more in-depth understanding of issues that is usually beyond linguistic expression.

Finding Inner Peace Can Be Challenging, but It Doesn’t Have To Be

Improvements can only happen if you take action. If you start today, one step at a time we can walk together through this journey. Take that step forward by contacting me for a Free 30mins chat.

About Bridgit Cray

Holistic Counsellor & Energy Practitioner

Having overcome my own array of personal challenges and stumbling blocks, it has given me a belief of the innate human ability to overcome any adversities. This is the driving force that creates a deep passion and purpose within me for my work. Seeing my clients thrive and finding harmony within themselves fills my soul.

“There are no words to describe my gratitude for having Bridgit in my life. She has helped me in clearing my can of worms from my childhood plus stuffs from my family traumas which was holding me back from my greatness.

From working with her, I am now unstoppable! Thank you Bridgit for everything you have done for me and I look forward for more magical sessions”

Norita Omar

Heart Business Strategist, Norita Omar

Bridgit is a gentle, warm, compassionate and beautiful facilitator. Qualities such as these are a necessity embarking upon this form of counselling. The past year with Bridgit has been a personal challenge. Bridgit has helped me reach and look at places I avoided heavily prior, I always felt better afterwards and have gained great tools that continue to assist me in moving forward in my life. My journey is far from over, but to this point I give a GREAT THANK YOU to you Bridgit!

Kelly Costa

Chiropractor, Dr Kelly Costa

My Inner Peace Blog

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What is Conscious Awareness?

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Heart Mind Dissonance 

  • developing your self awareness
  • transcending you to High Heart/High Mind Intelligence
  • connecting you to your inner peace
  • directing you to be an observer of the self
  • opening you up to your Higher Sensory Perception