It can be tricky to bring awareness to areas of our lives that once brought us fear and discomfort. Instead we apply a myriad of defence mechanisms so we can stay blind and unconscious to the pain.

When you find yourself feeling stuck it is usually because you have been avoiding / covering up pain, fear and old beliefs. We spend so much time and energy putting up an invisible shield of protection from others and the outside world that we lose sight of what we are actually covering up. It becomes a patterned response and remains mainly unconscious but often causes us to feel stuck or blocked.

When we stop to feel our bodies and emotions after we have experienced a trigger, we would realise how much of our true selves we deny and have for so long. Feelings of anger, rage, panic, guilt and grief all fall behind these invisible walls as well as fear, our pain and shame-based belief systems from everyone around us including ourselves.

If we wish to become unstuck, we need to make a commitment to ourselves to take responsibility for the pain, fear, grief and anger we feel inside and to do some work to learn more about them, to transform them into empowerment, joy and connectedness to self.

Some of the blocks that may make you feel stuck are:

  • Fear of expressing the anger inside you
  • Fear of vulnerability and so we continue to control ourselves and everything around us.
  • Fear of feeling our pain again.
  • Fear of knowing the truth about us as many of us have been shamed throughout our lives.
  • Fear of failure so we hold ourselves back from our full potential.
  • Fear of outgrowing a relationship when if fact if we were more open and aware we would have more choices.
  • Fear of being responsible for oneself.

‘The people who grow are those individuals whose desire to heal and to be loving and joyful is so great that they are willing to commit to the process of growth’.

(Erika Chopich and Margaret Paul)