Liquid Crystals

Vibrational remedies in liquid form 

A powerful form of energy medicine within a bottle, balancing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual symptoms.

What are Liquid Crystals?

Liquid Crystals are vibrational Medicine. The Vibration of 77 crystals have been extracted from an alchemical process channelled by Justin Moikeha Asar to offer a powerful healing tool to humanity.

What makes Liquid Crystals Different to other Essences?

A Human Being is made up of mineral and Energetic Geometric Structures as is the make-up of a crystal stone. Justin has taken the exact geometric structures of all the 77 crystals and transferred them energetically into liquid, which is easily absorbed by the minerals within the human body.

These Liquid Crystals utilize the powerful abilities of water, to hold the geometry and conduct light. It is believed that an imbalance within the mineral structure of the self, results in a set of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical symptoms which can be balanced and remedied with the power of these wonderful Liquid Crystals.

I am often intuitively guided to offer clients up to 3 liquid crystals in a dosage bottle , to take home and use between counselling / Energy Healing sessions. They are a perfect support for all clients after a big session and help with integration of the work done.

Liquid Crystals work to connect all aspects of our being creating harmony within.

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