Sandplay Therapy


This therapy can transport a person into the many dimensions of the self and it’s power lies in uncovering the many layers of the past and preent self that has been abandoned or forgotten.

My Approach to Sandplay Therapy

Like art therapy, Sandplay therapy can transport a person to their childhood and helps to access the non verbal parts of the brain in healing. It is very hands on and you use sandbox, sand, water, toys, figurines and objects to create a miniature world. 

As your facilitator, I will ensure that you feel safe, free and protected while you create this world which is indeed a microcosm of your internal world. This medium engages all the senses and allows a safe place for clients to portray their crises in the safety of a sandbox.

The symbolism of what you create becomes very apparent during this therapy as we discuss the aspects of your creation in greater detail. It is highly illuminating for someone to take a step back from the creation in the sandbox and look at everything from a bird’s eye view. 

It allows you to step out of the usual emotional rut or individual mental patterns that can govern you and gain a larger perspective on issues being faced. 

It is like understanding all the moving parts of a machine and how everything comes together. It provides greater awareness in the part you play and how you can choose to operate and rearrange parts of your life to gain more fulfillment

It is a wonderfully therapeutic intervention that allows you to view the full ecosystem of your life and gain the wisdom required to support your healing.

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