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Holistic Counselling & Energy Healing

As your counsellor and energy healer, I bring various modalities and eclectic healing tools to accelerate your healing and awakening experience.

Our session together will allow you to unlock your own healing potential and bring a more directed and clear consciousness into your issues.

Although human problems may be somewhat similar, humans are not. We approach our problems uniquely, based on childhood, past conditioning, memories and life experiences, which mould our views of the world. 

So, with your unique energy signature in mind, I blend counselling and various healing modalities to get the best and quickest results, so that you gain mental clarity, emotional balance and more spiritual awareness.

Modalities I use include, Somatic Psychotherapy,, Art Therapy, Sandplay Therapy Meditation, DNA Activation using light language,, Liquid Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Reiki and Kinesiology. Some tools I use include essential oils, essences and Liquid Crystals.


Holistic Counselling & Energy Healing Services

Holistic Counselling

Is an integrated healing approach that is gentle yet powerful. It focuses not just on symptoms or thought patterns but delves deeper into uncovering the root causes of your issues, dislodging out-dated beliefs and healing your inner being to fuse alignment in spirit, mind and body. Click here to read more.

Energy Healing

The human body has over 32 trillion cells which use energy to function. Many people store deep physiological, emotional and psychological stress in these cells. These sessions are aimed at releasing these deeply rooted stresses which can stimulate your true internal transformation in order to move forward. Click here to read more.

Workshops & Events

In the journey of personal transformation, connection and support are key. Many people do not have others who they can share with about their issues and intentions. So join other like-minded people and learn how you can empower yourself at my workshops and events. Click here to read more.

“There are no words to describe my gratitude for having Bridgit in my life. She has helped me in clearing my can of worms from my childhood plus stuffs from my family traumas which was holding me back from my greatness.

From working with her, I am now unstoppable! Thank you Bridgit for everything you have done for me and I look forward for more magical sessions”

Norita Omar

Heart Business Strategist, Norita Omar

Bridgit is a gentle, warm, compassionate and beautiful facilitator. Qualities such as these are a necessity embarking upon this form of counselling. The past year with Bridgit has been a personal challenge. Bridgit has helped me reach and look at places I avoided heavily prior, I always felt better afterwards and have gained great tools that continue to assist me in moving forward in my life. My journey is far from over, but to this point I give a GREAT THANK YOU to you Bridgit!

Kelly Costa

Chiropractor, Dr Kelly Costa

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