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Powerful ancient practices and holistic healing modalities to create more self awareness, inner peace and flow for you.

My Approach to Sound Healing

Sound has long been used throughout history as a healing modality. From the stethoscopes doctors carry, ultrasound used on pregnant mothers, to the gongs of ancient tribes and the singing bowls of the Tibetan monks; sound has been a healing agent for centuries. In western medicine, sound waves are used to access plaques, monitor liver disease and even in the imaging and treating of certain cancers. 

Sound is used in alternative therapies in very much the same manner; to reach deep into the cells in your body.

Have you experienced great joy or sadness simply from listening to a song? Sounds carry vibrations that can evoke and move us through various emotions. Particular vibrations and sound pitches can be used to heal the spirit, mind and body. Sound expresses as vibrations and travels well in water. Since our bodies are 70% water, the vibrations emitted by the striking of these instruments can facilitate the release of energetic blockages, and overall inner equilibrium and wonderful feeling of inner peace.

In these sound healing sessions, following an initial consultation, I will be intuitively guided to use either the crystal bowls, tibetan bells, chimes or rattles (or a combination) over your body and within your energy field. You will feel a change in your energy and may notice tingling or buzzing in the ears or a change in your body temperature. Once the session is complete your body will feel much lighter and harmonised.

Sound healing is a wonderful vehicle used to awaken the healing potential in everyone.

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