Be aware of your reactions and patterns:

Whenever you find yourself stuck in patterns of thought, feeling, reaction and experience, it is a tell-tale sign that there is a deeper emotional energy charge that needs releasing. These subconsciously stored emotional charges, that we call cellular imprints, are connected with traumatic memories and experiences that cause us to re-experience the pain and dysfunction anytime, something triggers them directly or peripherally.

Much of our inner experience in this life is a re-recording over what has been written on that tape — picked up indiscriminately as children and throughout life, causing us to sabotage ourselves and stay locked in dysfunctional patterns and attachments to old beliefs— until we become aware of what is happening and decide consciously to make a change, once and for all.

When you come to realise that you can gain an understanding of these triggers, by noticing your thought patterns after triggers, watching how your body reacts and what emotions it elicits, you can use your intention to remove these blocks held in your subconscious mind and energy body.

Fear is a common root of anger

Did you know that fear is a common root underlyng anger?  Anger is like a smoke screen, a secondary reaction to a primary emotions such as shame, grief, humiliation, lying underneath.

A reaction such as Anger offers protection to you, standing up to or opposing the person or situation that has caused you pain. It is the anger that brings up all other emotions and is designed to act as a pressure release valve of the built up energy we experience inside when we have be wronged.

To undestand how fear is linked to anger can be be described with an example. Let’s say you are driving out of your driveway and you didn’t notice your Husband’s new car jutting out and obstructing you. You hear a crunch and realise you have hit his car. Instantly you feel a rush of emotion, and your body starts to shake. The first emotion you may feel is fear, as you worry and stress about how he is going to react, how you will pay for repairs and you notice your stomach churns. You stop the car and for a moment notice that you are now angry, angry at yourself for not looking properly and you start to swear to yourself, ‘you idiot, you weren’t looking’ and you beat yourself up for this oversight.  This is more then likely a pattern of yours, beating yourself up for making mistakes, and this in turn results in harbouring guilt and serves to lower your self – esteem.

Observe your reactions

If we could step back and observe our reactions we would notice that they do serve a purpose but we need to go within to find out what the anger is trying to tell us about what just happened, about what is really underlying our feelings in that moment and about how we react without much consciousness.

It’s important to notice when faced with a situation you don’t like, how your body and mind signal you. The body constricts, usually in the solar plexus, our power centre, so in effect we are losing our personal power in that moment.  You don’t feel good and this brings in the negative thoughts and fears about what may happen as a result.

We overcome this by being aware in the moment of how we react, we name the emotions we are feeling and we really feel and acknowledge them in the body. We notice how the mind starts to race with negative thinking so breathe. Get back to the present moment and take stock of your inner world before trying to negotiate your outer experience.

Projecting your anger on to others is not the goal, but rather we need to go deep within, observe our reaction, notice our patterns of reaction and deal with the what is really happening within.